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I would like to invite you to peruse the shops listed below…                  I’m honored to give my highest recommendation to these awesome professionals!!!

Simply click on the image and you will be directed to the shop…Enjoy! TaMelle

I am so excited to bring EBW to the Treasure Valley and building a team of amazing women ho have the same passion to educate, empower, and uplift each other.

EBW also gives back by collecting gently used bras for Project Uplift…“I Support the Girls,” for our homeless and transitional women.                         Cheers, Lisa…The Boise Bra Lady

My goal for the last 15 years has been for my work to stir up some type of emotion. To connect lovely words to your most priceless or most painful memories. I want to help you give the perfect gift to yourself or others.   Cheers, Tami Reed

We, and our mountain climbing friends, recognized the need to celebrate Idaho and the 9 Idaho peaks above 12,000 feet elevation.                                            Cheers, Linda

No matter if you are the parent, grandparent or family friend, we care about the people we love and want to see them thrive. We focus on 4 key areas that we believe will help you get started; Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Hydration…And it’s not just for kids, but for the adults in your life too. Learn how your kiddos can get FREE supplements!   Cheers, Rosetta

Eldon "T" Jones

Eldon fell in love with music from listening to his uncles play saxophone and his mother sing. 

Eldon started N Touch in 1995, and in 2001, they released their first album which still rings true with fans today. N Touch attracted a local following and opened for Tower of Power and Earth, Wind, & Fire. They even performed at a private event for Michael Jordan. The original N Touch musicians moved on to new projects, and Eldon kept the music of N Touch alive in Portland over the years with new members.

Hello, my name is Marjorie Bowden and I specialize in poundcakes, baked with LOVE.  I love baking and I started making cakes for my family and friends. I made cakes for events and they were so popular my family insisted people wanted to buy them! My friends call me Marjie, and one of my dear family members (who passed away this year) was nicknamed “Pound” thus “Marjie Bakes Poundcakes” was born!

Thanks for Supporting my Business!  ~Marjie

Throughout my life I’ve loved hair! I started doing hair as a kid and by middle school I had regular clients. In this journey I learned all about hair, the good and the bad. The more I studied I came up with Be Rooted Hair Care. There are no harsh chemicals and all natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth. All of the ingredients come from the earth. Be Rooted was created to get back to the root of our hair. Currently, I still braid which is what I love and use Be Rooted on all my clients.                 Cheers, Tina

LAV was founded in 2020 with a love for working out, health, convenience and feeling good. Whether you work out or not feeling comfortable has been the goal and this was the driving force for this line. I hope you enjoy the products and I appreciate and thank you for your business.                   Cheers, Valerie!

My friend asked if I would do a demo with half my face with the Lumispa.  I wanted to help my friend out, but not buy it.  Well, I used the Lumispa on half of my face and it felt great.  As the week went on I couldn’t stop feeling my face.  That’s when I KNEW I would need to purchase this for my skincare tool box.  Although, I used makeup remover to take off my makeup, the Lumispa scooped the gunk out of my pores… Want to know how??? Let’s Chat!                  Cheers, TaMelle   

I have been a licensed esthetician since 2007, in 2011 I got my Esthetics Instructor’s license and I taught at a local Cosmetology  school for 2 1/2  years then I decided to re-focus on my business.
My specialties are waxing I do a lot of Brazilian and Manzilian waxing. I try to make each client comfortable in a less than comfortable situation.            Cheers, Gretchan Teigan

I love Magnetude Jewelry! Our founders Dr. Tracey Diner & Candice Loren (Artist) collaborated with healing science and artistry to bring an alternative solution to body aches, sleeplessness, and more…I would love to share more, let’s chat. Cheers, Sue Bennett

As a military wife, Chantel has moved all over the country – so she knows what it is like to not know anyone in a new town and understands how hard it is to create a community. After her first move as a young wife, she realized her experience was not unique, most military spouses had moved far from their homes so she decided that instead of focusing on feeling lonely, she would help others feel loved and appreciated and reach out to them by inviting them to tea.          Cheers, Chantel

I’m Deanna (Dee) Kline

 Daughter of a crafty and creative mom and problem-solving MacGyver dad, I was born and raised in the dairy farm region of NE Ohio. My parents taught me to swing a hammer, paint a room, rearrange furniture, and find treasures at garage sales and the local flea market.  I’m thrilled to help others with their projects. 

Hello! My name is Alaina and I’m a full time Veterinary Assistant from the PNW! I love to craft and spend quality time with my family and pets!